Dani’s video title is Anobium

punctatum. It refers to a woodboring

beetle species, the common furniture

beetle that in its larval stage bores

in wood and feeds upon it. After

a performance staged at Tirana

National Theatre, and the ending

applauses accompanying the queue

of spectators going out, a noisy and

subtle sound surrounds the empty

space. It apparently seems to be a

far human echo. But it is the sound

produced by a colony of beetles

inhabiting the wooden chairs of

the theatre. Many sequences are

edited and montaged to show

the empty chairs of the room

through dierent perspectives. What

merges is a sense of a geometrical

harmony of the architectural

structure that reminds the inner and

innate structures of some natural

architecture. In fact most of the

beehives or anthills are built as real

architectures where insect life is

extraordinary organized. In the video

the beetles seem to be continuing

the excitement of spectators

attending the show, after their

clapping and loud voices. The insects

act in the same form of entertainment

like pleasure belonged to everybody,

human and non-human. Within

no dierences between the two categories (culture and nature), Endri

Dani’s interest is thus towards

‘Cultural Ecology’, that eld of study

around human adaptations to social

and physical environments. So, when

human adaptation refers to both

biological and cultural processes that

enable a population to survive and

reproduce within a given or changing

environment. That’s the reason why

the artist began studying a wide

variety of so-called eusocial insects.

These are species able that organize

themselves into castes and are

characterised by a strong sense

of altruism towards their colony,

including the sacrice their own

lives in defence of it. But how does

environment change a culture

and how does culture change an

environment? Then Dani’s central

statement is that the natural

environment, in small scale or

subsistence societies dependent

in part upon it, is a major contributor

to social organization and other

human institutions.

Claudio Cravero

Curator, PAV Turin (I)