During the reconstruction of my house in Shkodra, where I was

born and raised, as I was cleaning the walls to expose its base brick

structure, I encountered all the paint colors that have been

superimposed on it throughout the years. This was a moment of

interest for me because through this process I encountered the

unconscious visual education that my parents have given me. I am

also highly interested in the traditional terms that have been used

to refer to these colors. The existence of these terms is a phenomenon

that pushes me to explore socio-political issues.

On a personal level, each color is also invested with much emotional



Names List:

Boj Barit – Grass Color Paint

Boj Bizele – Pea Color Paint

Boj Moll – Apple Color Paint

Boj Çiklamin – Leila Color Paint

Boj Pjepën – Melon Color Paint

Boj Kanarin – Canary Bird Color Paint

Boj Tull – Brick Color Paint

Boj Bakam – Lipstick Color Paint

Boj Patlixhan – Aubergine Color Paint

Boj Dillit – Sun Color Paint

Boj Limon – Lemon Color Paint