POIEIN ('to do'), a word from which derives the term 'poetry', as the poets were once inserted between the various types of artisans. It's a video (7' 59'') which documents the action of one of the most famous artisans in Puglia for the production of whistles in earthenware.

I asked to the artisan Pippo Moresca to use his ability to produce different sounds with the land, not shaping an object with its commercial status but by acting directly on the clay soil of Rutigliano. Pippo has created a whistle and, through this, he began to produce sounds that lost themselves in the nature of the surrounding countryside. This action is both poésis, the work of the hands (in the real sense and figuratively), and made, the result of different elements that find a new unit in the work; these elements, although there are still, there are no longer with their former identity in the work, but found a new and greater dignity in being composed.

Video HD, 7’59’’  - October 2015