“Palimpsest 01” is a work built in 2010 (the project with which I held a diploma at the University of Art, Tirana) at age twenty two. The concrete mixer is a very important subject in the construction industry which comes from the ancient Egyptian populations, Greek or mesopotamese and today is present in our urban, rural and natural landscapes. More than its history, I’m interested in the concrete mixer due to its process; its transitional function, taking the natural materials and keeping them inside for a time in a repetitive and monotonous process.

90s found Albania on a newsystem. The role of the architect and urbanist was conducted by professionals who lived and continued to live in isolation, while for foreign architects, Albania was an experimental space. Architecture, after the fall of the communist regime, can be considered as the architecture of refusal and denial of built heritage through the uncontrolled development. Albanian cities underwent a drastic metamorphosis.


My childhood saw a society in crisis of identity and unprepared to create a balance between the past and the aspired models of developed countries. Located in a land among many ancient civilizations, our country carries very rich material heritage. During and after the fall of the communist regime, folk heritage was a commercial offer for the developed countries. Setting this heritage in the pace of industrial system and then a capitalist one, brought deformation and an aesthetic and physical compromise of the popular culture.




















“Palimpsest 01” clearly shows in a symbolic and poetic way some critical aspects that are addressed to the contemporary society.


Endri Dani

(Tirana, 2016)


Examples taken from the city of Tirana that the elements of popular folklore are used in a simplified and modified way to "wear" facades built during the communist regime.