For Pasolini, technological innovations and consumerist principles were what separated the new generation from former ones.

“Souvenir of my homeLAND” is a meditation on these ideas which Endri Dani expresses through the process of “undressing” souvenirs one can find

everywhere in small stores in Tirana, places which have morphed into

the most frequented “contact zones” with the cultural heritage of Albania. These objects are not only consumed by tourists, but they are also consumed by Albanian citizens and immigrants as representative emblems of ethnic and national identity, local emblems, emblems which, in fact, stand far removed from those aspects of cultural heritage which they claim to evoke. Their garbs, colors, symbols scraped, the gurines are exposed in the dirt that constitutes their bare essence. The surface of these objects it's just a evidence of punishment of everything that is old in the name of the revolution and thus become the conveyors of a neo-capitalist value.


Sofia Kalo


The text taken from the exhibition Pasolini Prossimo Nostro - Miza Galeri - 2013 - Tirana, Albania

9 objects with diferent dimensions